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Surabaya Heritage Tracking

Outdoor Class – As we now, Surabaya is one of Historical city in Indonesia. There are several historic sites can be found in this city. Those prove that there are several heroic moments of our country taken place in Surabaya. That’s why Surabaya is called as “Hero City”. From those historical sites, fighting spirit of “Arek-Arek Suroboyo” are still remained until now and will always be remembered by the young generation all the time.  Therefore, to recall the history to young generation, SMA Progresif Bumi Shalawat delegated Ibnu Batutah class to have special trip to study some historical sites in Surabaya.

We was in SHT Bus Tracking for Visitors

There were several places we visited: House of Sampoerna, Tugu Pahlawan, PTPN XI and De Javanesche Bank (museum). Our heritage tracking was started at House of Sampoerna. This place is well-known as the cigarette factory museum and has special offer to go around Surabaya by SHT (Surabaya Heritage Tracking) bus for the visitors. We just take the SHT Bus offer to deliver us going to some heritage and historic sites in Surabaya without entering the museum as students are not allowed to enter the museum.

Around Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya

Our first destination was Tugu Pahlawan, one of the famous heroic icons in Surabaya. It stands great in the centre of the city. Tugu Pahlawan was built to commemorate the fighting spirit of Arek-Arek Suroboyo to get the independence. In front of this monument, there are some reliefs which tell about the history of Surabaya started from history of Surabaya name, the tragedy A.W.S Mallaby’s death and the success of Arek-arek Suroboyo to get the independence. Coming inside of this site, we can see a grassy field with a high monument in the centre. On the left side, there is Sepuluh November Museum and several war remains around the monument. That’s awesome!


Sitting in the comfortable bus guided by a professional guide made us enjoying the trip very much. Then, our trip continued to PTPN XI building where now still actively used as Indonesia plantation office. It is a great building with great architecture and luxurious ancient ornaments. It is categorized as one of heritage site in Indonesia since the history of building which was built on 1911 by Dutch colonial. The architects of this building were Huiwit, Fermon and Quifers who were well-known in their era. The building was functioned as trading office of Dutch colonial. There is something interesting in PTPN XI building that it is a bunker which is able to connect to the other part sites in Surabaya. Great!

During the trip, our imagination got back to the past, we felt the fight spirit and amaze about our country. That day of our Surabaya heritage tracking was ended at De Javasche Bank (museum). At the past, this museum was Dutch colonial bank and to be the origin of Bank Indonesia. We learnt many things from this museum. First, the architecture of this museum is very unique. The building is sturdy and the ornaments are sophisticated.  There are CCTV without cameras (using mirrored principles) and cooling room system without any air conditioner. Second, we can learn about world banking, Indonesian past currency and banking machines from the past. Cool!

At De Javasche Bank Museum
At De Javasche Bank Museum

Last but not least, we really enjoyed our trip and togetherness. Moreover, we got much knowledge from that. We hope, next other time we will have another outdoor class again.

Thank you,

Ibn Battutah Class

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