Again, SMASIF Students Grabbed Victories in 2017 National English Festival !!!

*M. Faruq Ubaidillah, S.Pd

On Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 May 2017, SMA Progresif Bumi Shalawat delegated teams to participated in National English Festival (NEF) hosted by University of Islam Malang. This four-day festival ran five tournaments; Debate, Storytelling, News Anchor, Olympiad, and Speech. Over 400 hundred secondary school and university students involved and competed in the tournaments. Besides, more that twenty judges from some campuses in Malang also took chance to score participants’ performances, such as from State University of Malang, University of Brawijaya, UIN Maliki, UMM, and Kanjuruhan University. This collaboration was made to refine the competitions’ quality. On the same vein, SMA Progresif successfully grabbed some thropies after competing very tightly with other senior high school students throughout Indonesia.

In the debate tournament, two teams very successfully broke into quarter-final round after defeating more than other twenty teams with closed-debate categorya and slightly different margin as well as one victory poin. Team A consisted of Wafi Rajunallah, Richie Martana, and Zadda Ilman and Aulia Rafi Latifa, Damam Syah Naufal, and Chalwa Adaby were involved in team B. In the semi-final round, only team A that broke in and ran for winning the champion. Team B was defeated by SMAN Kepanjen Malang A in the quarter-final round. After debating very tightly, team A finally was crowna s the second runner up position and gained thropy for this year’s debate tournament after debating a rather-sensitive political issue, “This House Would Endorse Political Leaders to Campaign on Social Media”. It was really unpredictable since the two delegated debate teams were just experienced an atmosphere of debating champioship. They were all categorized as novice debaters.

Unlike debating championship, News Casting delegates could smoothly bid their competitiors. Tania Savira, Anisa Permatahati, Nawabika, and Rizal Firdausi Udhma did their best in this tournamnet. Tania, Icha, and Nawabika successfully broke into the best top ten semi-final round, while Rizal not. The committee then opted the best top five to run for the grand-final round. Eventually, Icha ranked in the second runner up position and given thropy of victory by the committee.

Storytelling was one among the most favorable tournament participated by nearly seventy students. Inaya Rania Alihaq bid their competitors until breaking into  the best top five position. In the final round, she encountered well-trained delegates from some schools. With her struggle, courages, and commitment, Inaya successfully was crowned as the third winner in this tournament. She cried loudly for this victory. Yet, she already made SMA Progresif proud of her ability.

These month’s victories marked and closed SMASIF’s achievement award in the 2016/2017 academic year. By this token, all parties would struggle more and invite the students to reveal their eagerness, motivation, and passion toward English. Impossible is nothing!

*M. Faruq Ubaidillah is a temporary English teacher at Sekolah Progresif Bumi Shalawat. He is now preparing documents for a Master’s degree in TESOL at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK sponsored by LPDP scholarship. Apart from teaching, he involves actively in research communities. His works can be read in

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