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English Presentation Program for SMASIF Teachers: What’s good?

Guru (teacher) is one of the most central positions in an education sector. Without this, knowledge-driven activity would not run in accordance with the government’s goals of a country. As a result, teachers should always refine their professional development through trainings, discussions, and classroom reflections.

A ‘wefie’ with panelist, Mr. Oneil Okologo, MA.

Amidst the growing demand for teacher professionalism refinement, some issues need to be seen critically in the teacher profession nowadays, based on Safruddin Abdul Jabar’s argument in JakartaGlobe newspaper – some teachers, though not many, teach beyond their expertise, insufficient qualification, lack of competence, teacher recruitment is flawed, teacher professional program is rarely held, unequal teacher distribution.

Reflecting on these issues, SMA Progresif held a teacher conference on March 3, 2017. All teaching staff were invited to present slides on social phenomena, cultures and traditions, and general knowledge. What interesting on this program is the teachers are required to use English as a medium of communication.

Mr. Misbach is giving a talk on Fractal Dimensions

This program is said to cater teachers experiences and courages to use English actively when explaining topics to audience. Likewise, one of the main goals behind this is to also familiriaze SMASIF teachers with the use of English in teaching their subjects in the classes.

The teachers are also expected to believe that learning is always shifting and thus teachers’ competences as well as understanding on this shift really matter.

According to Kunto Nurcahyoko, on his article published by JakartaGlobe, what teachers believe would affect their classroom teaching discourse.

Therefore, this belief should always be refined based on the global demand in schooling sector. And using English in a presentation program is one of these demands.

Written by: M. Faruq Ubaidillah

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