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Flawless Experience In Prestigious English Competition “Short Movie in the East Competition”

It was flawless experience when our students joined in EAST in Brawijaya university. EAST or English Annual Student Tournament is an English competition held by English Student Association (ESA) and Association of English Education Students (AEELS), Faculty of Culture Studies Brawijaya University Malang. This year, English Annual Student Tournament uses GALAXY as the theme. Bringing up the theme of “Break the Boundaries beyond the Galaxy” EAST 2016 invites you, senior high school students from Java and Bali region to compete well this year! Wishing the youth to understand well and lead their spirit to a useful matter by being a critical, perceptive and realist generation in facing the nowadays issues. In this competition all the High school students from Java and Bali region are as astronauts who try the best to break boundaries and find a new place that’s called Champion, and be the winner over the other competitor. To be supportive, make new friends, and raise the potency inside you are some of experiences that you will get in joining EAST 2016.


For this year SMA Progresif Bumi Shalawat joined in the short movie competition. In this competition our students have a chance to express their idea, creativity, and imagination in a short movie. We have one team, consist of 7 members. They are:

  • Ahmed Zaiyan Nahel, as editor, animator and script writer
  • Adinda Rahima Az-Zahra, as director and script writer
  • Muhammad Wafi Rajunallah, as producer
  • Ahmad Sulukhul Choir, as cameramen and editor
  • Muhammad Daffa Alam, as cameramen
  • Muhammad Ardiansyah, as main actor 1
  • Muhammad Wildan as, main actor 2

They are creative students, have a big spirit and joyful students. They prove that although in boarding school, they can still have a chance to express their idea and creativity. There are some obstacles which are found in finishing this movie. But their spirits, struggles break every obstacle around them. There is surrender for them. They are fighting to finish and complete this movie. They have presented the best masterpiece for our lovely school SMA PROGRESIF BUMI SHALAWAT. Yeach!!! The masterpiece of our beloved student is “Flawless Metamorph”.6

This movie tells about as the youth we should be a good students. And by this movie we can learn and take the philosophy of the galaxy. This universe teaches us to be more positive and valuable person. In this movie is also presented the animation effect. We wish that the message and the value of this movie can be very useful for the viewers.

There are about 20 teams from high school in Java and Bali region.  Almost a 2 weeks waiting for the announcement for the 5 top movies. The time is coming the announcement that’s so unbelievable that our movie is one of the 5 top movies and we get the second position. But the struggle of our school team doesn’t stop until here, because there is one step again to reach a champion. In this competition is just taken 3 champions. So, they should give presentation in front of the judges. They are practicing, making a different and creative thing to presents their presentation. The 6th November 2106 in Brawijaya university, they bring their great spirit, they compete, fight to be a champion. They are presenting the fabulous presentation, full of spirit and they can be amazed the judges and all of the participants, audiences and the committee. “your presentation catch my heart”, that’s one of the judge ‘s comment, they got so many applauses. Yess!!! They are the real champions, they win in the “Judges Special Mention Category”.

Thanks God, thanks for all teachers and thanks for everyone who supports this movie, so our short movie can complete and presents their masterpiece.




Their precious stories, experiences in joining East competition could strength our students’ self competition and they could improve and raise their potency in English and also it could be a motivation to be the best and the real champion. Their struggle brings them to be a champion. SMASIF SHORT MOVIE TEAM we are very proud of you. You have proved that “if you can dream it, you can do it” –Walt Disney- .


Let’s say :

Yes!!!, We Can Do It, We Are Happy and We Are Champions”.

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