Unforgettable Experience In Prestigious English Competition “Beyond Competition”

unnamedIt was unforgettable experience when our students joined in Beyond competition in Brawijaya university. BEYOND or Brawijaya English Youth Competition and Olympiad is an english competition held by English Student Association (ESA) and Association of English Education Students (AEELS), Faculty of Culture Studies University of Brawijaya Malang.

BEYOND brought up the theme of “Splash the Youthful Spirit Through Humanity Movement” BEYOND invited the senior high school students from Java and Bali regions to compete well this year. Wishing the youth to understand well and lead their spirit to a positive and useful matter by being a critical, perceptive and realist in facing the nowadays issues such as; humanity. The youth contribution could be counted from doing the simplest way by joining this year Brawijaya English Youth Competition and Olympiad 2015. To be supportive, make a friend, and raise the potency inside you were some of experiences that you got in joining BEYOND.

For this year IBS SMA Progresif Bumi Shalawat joined in the 2 fields competition. Storytelling and English Olympiad. We delegated 4 four students to join in this competition. One team for English Olympiad consists of 3 students, and one participant for story telling competition. They competed among the senior high school students from Java and Bali regions. There were three rounds for every competition fields. They had to compete their strong competitor from the major school in Java such as MAN 3 MALANG, SMAK CORJESU, SMAN 2 SIDOARJO, SMAN 1 PONOROGO and many others.

1cfd630e-c1b7-4824-ac84-6bdb855ec46eOur students had to compete with 22 participants from Java and Bali.  Our Olympiad team was failed for the next round, but they had tried to do the best. In the other side, our student “Inayah Raniyah Alihaq” as a participant in storytelling competition she entered in the final, she almost entered in the grand final round but there was a little different argument among the juries until they decided Inayah didn’t enter in the grand final. Her score just had difference 1 point with the other contestant. But there was a native observer as supervisor, named Janet from FIB BRAWIJAYA, she said that Inayah was actually better and she expected to her as a champion. Beside that almost of committee and the audiences said that Inayah should be in the Grand final because she had “great and stunning performance”, but it’s ok, it could be great story and great motivation for us to always struggle to be the best and to be a winner. Thank you Janet, Beyond committee and the other participant for supporting Inayah. Their precious stories, experiences in joining Beyond competition could strength our students’ self competition and they could improve and raised their potency in English and also it could be a motivation to be the best and the real champion. (By: Devi Ekasari, S.Pd.)


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