SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat– (Sidoarjo, June 19, 2024) The halls of the GOR of SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat buzzed with excitement as eighth-grade students of SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat (PROJHIS) showcased their talents in the much-anticipated English Special Performances (ESP) 2024. This annual event, themed “Glotera in Wonderland,” transformed the venue into a realm of delicate beauties, magical charms, and exhilarating wonders, captivating every attendee.

The English teacher council and committee ESP

The ESP 2024 aimed to highlight students’ creativity, English proficiency, and teamwork through a series of group performances. The atmosphere was electric, with students eagerly participating and demonstrating their diverse skills in a range of contests: Vocal Group, Fashion Designer, and Advertisement Parody.

Students performing regional dances
Students collaborate to sing in English

Ustazah Faiqoh, one of the event’s enthusiastic attendees, shared her thoughts, saying, “It was a cool and enchanting event. Not only was it eye-pleasing, but also very entertaining, especially in the Advertisement Parody contest. The students displayed their creativity and showed their speaking skills on stage. I am glad this is an annual event held by the English Team of SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat because it uncovers many hidden talents like modeling, beautiful voices, and English-speaking abilities from our beloved students.”

Picture of the participants looks beautiful wearing traditional clothes
A performance that displays creativity and courage

The day’s events were a testament to the dedication and totality of the students in each contest. Ustazah. Dila, an English teacher at the school, remarked, “My conclusion about this event is, I think, ESP was a spectacular one. What made it spectacular was the students’ dedication and totality in each contest. I liked the Fashion Designer contest the most because the students were not only thinking about the fashion design itself but also the meaning behind each costume they displayed on stage. Bringing a powerful message, such as ‘Free Palestine,’ shows how our English lessons extend beyond speaking or reading skills to include spreading important news in the right way. As an English teacher, I am proud of them.”

Cheers from the audience enjoying the show

The event concluded with the announcement of the winners in each category:

Happiness in receiving awards
Rejoice at a victory
Those smiles that change the world brighter
  • Vocal Group Contest:
    • 1st Place: Abul Casis Class
    • 2nd Place: As Syirazi Class
    • 3rd Place: Al Kirmani Class
  • Fashion Designer Contest:
    • 1st Place: Al Ayyubi Class
    • 2nd Place: Al Jahiz Class
    • 3rd Place: Al Kirmani Class
  • Advertisement Parody Contest:
    • 1st Place: Al Batenius Class
    • 2nd Place: Al Jazari Class
    • 3rd Place: Al Laqqoni Class
Joy to be immortalized as a sweet memory
Victory is not fantasy but effort and sincerity

In addition to the thrilling competitions, the event featured a series of performances and exhibitions that further highlighted the students’ multifaceted talents. The audience was treated to mesmerizing musical numbers, stunning fashion showcases, and thought-provoking advertisement parodies that elicited both laughter and contemplation.

One of the standout moments of the day was a heartfelt tribute to the teachers and staff, acknowledging their unwavering support and guidance. The students expressed their gratitude through a special performance, which brought many in the audience to tears. It was a poignant reminder of the close-knit community that SMP Progresif Bumi Shalawat fosters.

Moreover, the event provided a platform for students to engage with real-world issues through their art. The “Free Palestine” message in the Fashion Designer contest was a powerful example of how the students are encouraged to use their voices and talents to advocate for important causes. This integration of social consciousness into their performances underscored the holistic approach to education that the school champions.

Totality in a performance
Debriesta; become a guardian angel

The English Special Performances 2024 was not just a display of talent but also a celebration of the students’ hard work, creativity, and the rich educational culture fostered at Bumi Shalawat Progressive Junior High School. The success of this event promises an even more spectacular ESP next year, as the school continues to nurture and showcase the incredible talents of its students.

Corner to complement the event

As the day drew to a close, the students and teachers alike left with a renewed sense of accomplishment and inspiration. The memories created during ESP 2024 will undoubtedly resonate for years to come, serving as a testament to the extraordinary potential that lies within each student at Bumi Shalawat Progressive Junior High School. (JH)


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